Leadership Assessments

Many of our clients begin by assessing one or more members of their leadership team, which in turn, starts them on their journey to building a high-performance organization that outperforms their competition.

If you want to identify the skills and behaviors of the current leadership team to determine if you have the right leadership necessary to transform your organization into a high-performance team, RPJ, in collaboration with Hogan Leadership Assessment, offers you a number of results-driven solutions.


1. We Predict Performance

Richard James & Partners assists clients in building high-performance leadership teams that outperform their competition. Leaders and managers are your competitive advantage regardless of economic circumstances or market challenges. Successful companies recognize this importance and consistently invest in identifying and growing their people.

There are a lot of choices out there to assist with employee selection and development processes, but there’s only one global standard for predicting performance. Richard James & Partners, in collaboration with its strategic partner, Hogan Leadership Assessments, helps businesses succeed by offering the right solutions for hiring the right people, developing key talent, and evaluating leadership potential.

2. We Use The Science of Personality To Predict Leadership Success

Richard James & Partners, as business consultants to companies who want to build high-performance leadership teams, utilizes Hogan Leadership Assessments to predict job performance by assessing:

  • Normal personality.
  • How the person will perform under pressure or stressful business conditions.
  • Core values; what motivates the executive; their competitiveness; and their passion to achieve success.
  • Cognitive reasoning ability.

These assessments are grounded in decades of scientific research and evaluate every major leadership job from front line supervisor to CEO. As an international authority in personality assessment and consulting, Richard James & Partners, and Hogan Leadership Assessment, has more than 30 years of experience helping businesses dramatically reduce turnover and increase productivity by hiring the right people, developing key talent, and evaluating leadership potential.

3. We Have A Breadth of Leadership Assessment Experience

Richard James & Partners, its assessment team, and its partners at Hogan Assessment, have assessed thousands of leaders in a myriad of industries including banking, engineering, electronics, utilities, manufacturing, sales, accounting, financial, residential and commercial building, mortgage lending, and associations.

  • Presidents, CEOs, COOs and Vice Presidents
  • Sales Executives and Sales Managers
  • Front Line Supervisors to Middle Managers

4. We Are Strategic Partners With Our Clients

A number of “testing companies” will sell you an assessment tool and leave the evaluation of the results up to you. Others provide feedback, but their feedback sounds like the same old rhetoric again and again.

At Richard James & Partners, we:

  • Are successful business people who look at every one of your leadership assessments from a strategic business perspective.
  • Learn and understand your business goals, as well as marketing and sales strategies.
  • See ourselves as a member of your leadership team, not a vendor selling tests.

5. We Provide A Return On Investment From Leadership Assessments

Richard James & Partners delivers outcome. Using Hogan Assessments to hire or promote the right executive could result in short term productivity savings of hundreds of thousands of dollars and, longer term, potentially millions of dollars of increased revenues. It’s all about ROI.

For a complimentary assesment or more information about leadership assessment, and why it is a critical component of a long-term, continuous improvement strategy to building a high-performance sales organization that outperforms your competition, contact Richard James & Partners.