Learn To Coach

A development program for Owners, Executives and Managers for improved employee performance.

Why is turning managers into coaches important? Here are just a few reasons based on industry research:

  • Employees who have received coaching outperform peers by 27%
  • Engagement increases by 25%
  • Turnover decreases by 25%
  • Coaching quadruples training ROI


Learn to Coach is offered by Charlotte based Richard James & Partners, a certified partner with Integrity Solutions, an award winning top 20 sales training company. Integrity Solutions has over a 50 year history with over 3 million course graduates in 130+ countries. (www.integritysolutions.com) Learn to Coach utilizes the materials and course content of Integrity Coaching, a training program from Integrity Solutions. The Integrity Coaching training process equips leaders with the knowledge, skills and resources to improve performance and develop people to their highest potential. It is based on the fundamental belief that coaching begins with building people. It’s helping them set and achieve goals in an environment where they are challenged and motivated to perform at higher levels.

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