Sales Assessments

Assessing sales people to assure you have the best people in the right sales jobs is a critical component of an organization's strategy in building a high-performance sales organization that outperforms its competition.

Many of RJP’s clients begin by assessing one or more members of their current sales team, which in turn, starts them on their journey. RJP, in collaboration with Chally Sales Assessments, can assist you in identifying the skills and behaviors of your best sales people and compare them to those who are underperforming. We can determine the right performance criteria to avoid future hiring mistakes and/or transform your sales organization into a high performing team.

QUESTION: Do you believe that you have the very best sales talent? Those who can get you closer to your sales and business goals to outperform your competition? If you cannot answer “yes” to this question, why are you not looking at your sales assessment tool and upgrading your weak performers?

1. We Predict Performance

There is a difference between claims and reality. Richard James & Partners assists clients in building high-performance sales teams that outperform their competition. Your sales team is your competitive advantage regardless of economic circumstances or market challenges. Successful companies recognize this importance and consistently invest in identifying and growing their sales people.

There are a lot of choices out there to assist with sales selection and development processes, but there’s only one global standard for predicting sales performance—HR Chally:

  • Chally provides personnel assessment and research services to more than 2,500 customers in 35 countries and have done so for more than 33 years.
  • Chally’s research database includes profile results and measures of performance for more than 250,000 incumbents or sales candidates. These actuarial based scores will allow you to evaluate skills necessary for success in critical sales positions.
  • Chally is recognized as an international technology leader in scientific sales assessment and prediction for selection, job alignment, and sales development.
  • Chally’s statistical validation process identifies which factors will predict sales success for a specific position. Each candidate is given an actual forecast percentage for success [60%, 70%, 90%].
  • 94% of the sales people Chally recommends to hire perform well and 67% of those who were not recommend for hire perform poorly.
  • By replacing the bottom 20% of sales people with average or above performers, you will increase your sales by 8% to 15% in the first year.
  • By integrating RJP’s sales training and continuous improvement strategies with the Chally Assessment, you could increase your revenues by up to 30% over 3 years.

2. We Use The Science of Personality To Predict Sales Success

  • Improving Performance: Richard James & Partners and Chally raise the standards of performance of a company’s current leadership team and sales organization to TQM and Six Sigma levels, which results in a significant increase in efficiencies, productivity, and revenues.
  • Thought Leaders: We bring 30 years of scientific research and defined methodology to a company’s most important assets … its sales leadership team and its sales organization.
  • Job Categories: Assessments are grounded in decades of scientific research and evaluate 14 different sales specialties. These sales jobs include new business development [“hunters”]; account managers [“farmers”]; inside sales support; customer service personnel, etc. Richard James & Partners, and Chally, has more than 30 years of experience helping businesses dramatically reduce sales turnover and increase productivity by hiring the right sales people, and developing that talent to its potential.

3. We Are Strategic Partners With Our Clients

A number of “testing companies” will sell you an assessment tool and leave the evaluation of the results up to you. Others provide feedback, but their feedback sounds like the same old rhetoric again and again.

At Richard James & Partners, we:

  • Learn and understand your sales goals, the various types of customers and their unique purchasing needs, and the different kinds of sales people or buyers you may need in those markets.
  • See ourselves as a member of your sales leadership team, not a vendor selling tests.

4. We Provide A Return On Investment From Sales Assessments

According to Chally’s World Class Sales Research, your salesperson is now the single largest factor (39%) in a customer’s purchasing decision. No other factor… product, quality, or pricing, equals the impact of a salesperson. In addition, only 53% of sales reps in the study met quotas and only 49% of the sales people closed their opportunities. Based on this data, sales executives have a monumental challenge if they are going to transform their sales organization.

Richard James & Partners delivers outcome. Using Chally Assessments to hire the right sales person will result in a short term improvement of sales revenues and reduce costs caused by hiring underperformers or those who turnover. Longer term, replacing 20% of the sales team that are underperformers with average or above average performers, could result in millions of dollars of increased revenues over a 2-3 year period. It’s all about ROI.

For a complimentary assessment or more information about sales assessment, and why it is a critical component of a long-term, continuous improvement strategy to building a high-performance sales organization that outperforms your competition, contact Richard James & Partners.