Integrity Selling
Sales Training

Selling with integrity can give an organization a unique competitive advantage.

RJP assists clients in establishing a long-term, continuously improving sales strategy and processes to produce a Market Dominating Position. By selecting the appropriate sales training program for their organization, it becomes a critical component in supporting their Go-To-Market Strategic Sales Plan and Execution. This enables our clients to build a high-performance sales organization that outperforms their competition.


We at Richard James & Partners do not consider sales training to be a one-time “event.” Instead, we view sales training as an exercise that begins when a new person begins employment and is enhanced by the sales manager throughout the year and continues to be enhanced every year thereafter. Assuming you have the right sales person in the right sales job, RJP has a highly defined methodology that accomplishes the following three goals:

  • Increases the efficiency and productivity, both short and long term, of each sales person. 
  • Quantifies the effectiveness of the sales person and the sales manager in implementing the sales training.
  • Generates a very high return on the investment made in the training process.


We Predict Performance Improvement
There is a difference between claims and reality.  Richard James & Partners assists clients in building high-performance sales teams that outperform their competition. Your sales team is your competitive advantage regardless of economic circumstances or market challenges. Successful companies recognize the importance of sales training and consistently invest in training and enhancing the skills of its sales forceyear after year.

There are a lot of choices out there to select from when deciding on an approach to sales training. Historically, sales executives sent their sales people to one-day motivational sales training programs, utilized their sales managers as sales trainers, or purchased expensive sales programs from outside sales training organizations that were high on promise but did not deliver the desired behavior changes in their sales people or the sales revenue increases they desired. These are all events and continuous improvement processes. There is only one organization, Richard James & Partners, in collaboration with its clients, that establishes a long-term, continuous improvement training strategy, including metrics and accountability, that assists it clients in building a high performance sales organization that outperforms your competition.


1. Sales Training Is A Long Term Process, Not An Event
We at Richard James & Partners do not consider sales training to be a one time “event” but rather one that begins when a new person begins employment, is enhanced by the sales manager throughout the year, and is enhanced every year thereafter.

2. Metrics and Accountability For Sales Training Results
Before implementing any training activities, we at RJP, in collaboration with our clients, recommend that sales executives establish the goals of the program and how they are going to measure the effectiveness of each activity. For example will the program:

  • Improve the sales skills and productivity of the sales person both short and long term.
  • Quantify the effectiveness of the sales person in implementing the sales training.
  • Quantify the effectiveness of the sales manager in coaching the sales team.
  • Generate an increase in sales revenues, profits and market share.
  • Generate a very high return on the investment made in the training process.

3. Selling With Integrity Sales Training Methodology: A one-size sales training program does not fit all situations. There are dozens of selling systems and sales motivators around. Selling with integrity can give an organization a unique competitive advantage. Based on our research, sales leaders who are truly interested in achieving their sales goals want a customer-centric sales training program.
There is a defined methodology to training, and we believe there is none better than the program we provide with our strategic partner Integrity Solutions. RJP, in a strategic partnership with Integrity Solutions, has been providing breakthrough Integrity Selling training methodology that has improved the competence and confidence of sales and service people and their leadership around the world for more than 40 years. Dr. Steven Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People said “WOW! This integrity selling training and coaching material is a “10!”

4. What Makes RJP Continuous Improvement Process Different

  • 8 Weeks Integrity Selling Process: The initial Integrity Selling Behavior Change pro­cesses, has become the sales training industry’s “gold-standard” for achieving improved sales results short term. Our sales development processes is an 8 week learning design, rather than traditional, event-based training. RJP’s weekly engagement with the sales team and managers insures measurable performance improvement.  
  • Customized Sales Training Manuals: As an integral part of the continuous improvement program, RJP, in collaboration with its clients, develops sales training approaches, interviewing questions, and strategies for overcoming objections that are specific to the uniqueness of each client, whether they are a manufacturer, retailer, distributer, etc.
  • Sales Manager Coaching: Training sales people is only the first step to building a high performing sales team. Coaching the sales manager to become a “coach” and developer of people, rather than a “super salesperson,” is critical to enhancing the sales skills of the team. RJP coaches each sales manager and provide the leadership skills necessary to sustain the knowledge and enthusiasm gained from the initial Integrity Selling Training. By utilizing these coaching skills, managers help sales people develop unconscious, automatic, customer–focused sales habits resulting in dramatically improved sales [revenue growth, new customers, profitability of sales, customer satisfaction, etc.]
  • Annual Sales Refresher and Skills Enhancement Training: Football teams go to summer camp every year, regardless of the experience level of their players. Great sales leaders use this same approach to enhance the sales skills of their top performers, as well as mentor and develop those with less experience. This is essential for continuously improving performance of the team, year after year.
  • 360/720 Multi-Raters: Performance evaluations are often nothing more that reviews of sales revenues and margins. Today’s successful sales leaders involve a number of people in the evaluation of their sales managers and sales people. 360/720 Multi-Raters are conducted by the incumbent, their immediate supervisor, peers, customers, or others whose performance is impacted by the sales person’s behavior. The effectiveness of these evaluations is powerful.

5. We Are Strategic Partners With Our Clients
A number of “training companies” will sell you a training program and leave the results up to you.

At Richard James & Partners, we:

  • Learn and understand your sales goals, the various types of customers and their unique purchasing needs, and the different kinds of sales skills and behavior your sales people may need for those markets or buyers.
  • See ourselves as a member of your sales leadership team, not a vendor selling training.
  • We Provide A Return On Investment From Sales Training

Based on the limited results that sales executives are getting from their current sales training programs, they have a monumental challenge if they are going to transform their sales organization and get a good ROI from training.

Richard James & Partners delivers outcome. By using Integrity Selling and the  RJP Six Step strategy for sales training and continuous improvement, you will learn why one salesperson, with the same background and experience as another, outsells them by five times or more. You will learn how enhancing the “coaching skills” of your current leadership team will assure they are doing the right activities needed to transform salespeople into a high-performance team. You should achieve an 8% to 15% increase in revenues in the first year, and if effectively implemented, these initiatives could result in an increase of up to 30% and millions of dollars of increased revenues over a 2-3 year period.  It’s all about ROI.

For more information about the RJP approach to sales training, and why it is a critical component of a long-term, continuous improvement strategy to building a high-performance sales organization that outperforms your competition, contact Richard James & Partners.