Sourcing Sales Talent &
Sales Management Talent

Sourcing the best sales people and sales managers is essential to building a high-performance sales organization that outperforms the competition.

Many of our clients begin with one search that starts them on their journey. Whether you need to upgrade one or more salespeople, enhance the skills of your sales team, have a spike in hiring needs, or want to make a complete sales force transformation, RJP has a program to achieve your goal to increase sales.

  • RJP DELIVERS OUTCOMES: Our clients give us very high grades for sourcing outstanding sales and sales management talent. Our world class holistic approach to sales staffing, and our method of pricing, is a refreshing alternative to the high costs charged by agencies. Hiring the right sales person should result in increases of 8% to 15% in sales revenues. Can your in-house recruiters guarantee that result? RJP can.  It’s all about ROI.
  • SPECIALISTS IN SALES STAFFING: First and foremost, our recruiters focus exclusively on sourcing outstanding sales and sales management talent. Since 1963, they have successfully conducted thousands of sales searches and are skilled in assisting clients build sales teams that outperform their competition.
  • WE BRING “DEFINED METHODOLOGY & TQM” TO SALES RECRUITING: We raise the standards of performance of a company’s sales and sales management selection process to TQM and Six Sigma levels, which result in a significant increase in efficiencies and helps assure the selection of the “right” sales people and sales managers.
  • WE BRING “SCIENCE” TO LEADERSHIP ASSESSMENTS: To help assure you are hiring the “right” sales person or sales manager for the right job, RJP uses Chally Sales Assessments as part of our comprehensive evaluation of every finalist. These assessments, designed exclusively for evaluating sales people and sales mangers, are used by sales organizations throughout the world.
  • HIGH VOLUME SALES RECRUITING PROJECTS: When you need to hire a large number of sales people, RJP’s “flex staff services” are an ideal solution. We provide a team of recruiters who are specialists at working on high volume sales recruiting projects under tight deadlines.
  • SALES PERFORMANCE EVALUATIONS: In order to evaluate the effectiveness of new sales people and sales managers, RJP utilizes a Kaplan DeVriess annual performance evaluation [360/720 multi-rater], which allows our clients to statistically track a sales person’s performance as perceived by their immediate supervisors, peers, customers, and others. This is an incredibly powerful tool.
  • RESEARCH ON SALES PERFORMANCE: Recent research indicates that only 53% of sales representatives make their quotas and sales reps only close 49% of their opportunities. If this is the case in your organization, why are you not upgrading your sales talent or using RJP as your strategic partner in sales talent acquisition?

CONCLUSION:  Our comprehensive and unique approach to sales and sales management talent acquisition helps assure you not only hired the right person for the right job, but that you also receive a very high return on the investment [ROI] you made for our services. RJP delivers results and a high ROI.

For more information about sourcing outstanding sales and sales management talent as a critical component of your long-term, continuous improvement strategy to building a high-performance sales organization, contact Richard James & Partners.