Talent Acquisition

Talent acquisition is essential to building a high performance leadership and sales team that outperforms the competition.

Sourcing the Best Sales Talent and using RJP’s Executive Search improves your company’s business goals. Evaluating the effectiveness of current recruiting activities determines your effectiveness in recruiting top performing leaders and sales people to the organization.

Executive Search

If you have exhausted your sources, have not identified a person who meets your criteria to be a “high performer leader/manager” and want to conduct a confidential search, we can help. Learn more.

Sourcing the Best Sales and Sales Management Talent

Whether you need to upgrade one or more salespeople, enhance the skills of your sales team, have a spike in hiring needs, or want to make a complete sales force transformation, RJP has a program to achieve your goal to increase sales. Learn more.

For more information about Talent Acquisition as a critical component of your long term, continuous improvement strategy to building a high performance sales organization, contact Richard James & Partners.